About Eye Spot Silver Works

"Know first, who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly" ~ Epictetus

pearl chainmail necklace

Kerry Hicks ~ Silversmith

You may be asking yourself why a peacock feather, why Eye Spot Silver Works and how does this relate to jewellery? Peacocks have always been a symbol of beauty and adornment for me so when I began this journey in 2001 (cold connections and chain maille), choosing a peacock feather seemed like the logical choice. The eye spot in my business name has dual meaning-“I spot beautiful jewellery” and the eye spot on the peacock feather. 

I decided after years of wandering through the art world and various career paths that I needed to go back to school and get an actual education. Being a hands on creative person, I made the decision to explore jewellery fabrication as a possible path. I enrolled in Haliburton School of Art and Design because I  thought their program would suit me best. It was an accelerated course and I spent many hours in studio trying to perfect my craft. I ended up placing first in my class and won an award and bursary to start my business. 

I am passionate about design and the fabrication process and have been involved in different aspects of the creative field for most of my life. Everything you see on these pages has been constructed from mostly recycled gold and silver, by me, by hand. I specialize in custom work and enjoy engaging with my clients and developing a design that they will love and cherish for hopefully years to come. Do you have an old ring that you’d like to re-configure into something different? Drop me a line and lets get designing your unique to you piece! 

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