The Process

The Fabrication Process

eye spot silver works

Parts of the Process

I am a maker-from my own large family, to my painting, right down to the very jewellery I wear. I make most things you see on this website by hand, with the tools I’ve learned through schooling, experience, fellow smithing groups and teachers. I can set most stones (build baskets for setting, flush set, bezel set, etc.), make my own tubing and wire, recycle boo boos and old jewellery into plate and metal, and form metal objects through different fold forming, chasing and raising techniques. I can weave chain maille and make chain. 

What I do buy is most of my fine chain. Where I am capable of making it by hand, it’s mostly cost prohibitive and I don’t want to pass that expense onto my clients. I can carve wax and cast the form in a special sand called delft clay and am in the process of acquiring the *very* expensive components for lost wax casting. If you can dream about it, I can most likely make your wish come true! Below are some process shots I made during the fabrication of a custom engagement set out of 14kt green and pink gold with a lovely .55ct G SI1 brilliant cut bezel set diamond. I have also constructed several wedding parties gifts with 10kt yellow gold with a flush set diamond tie tack pin and beautiful kinetic 10kt yellow gold and sterling intital necklaces with a pivoting top plate with the wedding date inscription. As you can tell, hand fabrication of future heirlooms is my passion and I’d love to bring your unique to you vision into being. Let’s chat!

Custom Pieces

You're only limited by your imagination!

As you can see, I’ve got a huge inventory of beautiful facetted and cabbed stones! Have you ever wanted something completely different and unique to you? Let’s get together and chat artisan jewellery with your choice of metal, stone and style. 

one of a kind jewelry
custom wedding bands
Custom Engagement Rings

Constructed from 14kt green and yellow gold, .55 G SI1 brilliant cut diamond.

How can you see my vision?

Well, let’s chat! I am available by email, text or phone. All you have to do is reach out and I’ll make sure you have your custom dream piece just the way you’ve always envisioned it! 

fish jewelry
Custom fish skeleton on a hook

Hand carved from 2mm sterling plate with needle files and assorted burs. Liver of sulfur patina to make it pop. 

Choose your metal!

Whether your unique vision is executed in sterling silver, green, yellow or red gold, or copper and brass, I can make it happen! Prices will vary based on materials requested. 

Randy Rhodes ring
Replica of Randy Rhodes' ring

Custom RR (Randy Rhodes), replica ring hand carved from 2mm sterling plate with needle files and assorted burs. 

If you are satisfied, tell your friends!

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Gemstones for Custom Work

Do you see something you like?

I’ve spent years collecting gemstones that I find beautiful and now I’d love to share them with you! Here is a glance into my private stash…do you see anything you love? I’ve also got a plethora of semi-precious beads that I can incorporate into your signature piece, if that’s where you feel your creative bug biting!

Iolite - Faceted

iolite faceted

Garnet - Cabs & Faceted

garnet cabs and faceted

Demantoid Garnet - Faceted

demantoid garnet faceted

Colour Change Diopside

color change diopside

Blue Zircon - Rose Cut Faceted

blue zircon rose cut faceted

Aquamarine - Faceted & Cabs

aquamarine faceted and cabs

Untreated Sapphire - Faceted

untreated sapphire faceted

Unheated Untreated Blue Topaz

unheated untreated blue topaz

Tourmaline - Faceted

tourmaline faceted

Sphene Titanite - Faceted

sphene titanite faceted

Smokey Quartz - Etched Front

smokey quartz etched front

Russian Charoite

russian charoite

Pink Tourmaline - Faceted

pink tourmaline faceted

Peridot - Faceted

peridot faceted

Painted Jasper - Cab

painted jasper cab

Mexican Fire (Jelly) Opal

mexican fire jelly opal

Kyanite - Cabs & Faceted

kyanite cabs and faceted

Koroit Nut Boulder Opal

koroit nut boulder opal

Heated & Beryllium Treated Sapphire

heated and beryllium treated sapphire

Ethiopian Welo Opal - Cabs

ethiopian welo opal cabs

Colour Change Garnet - Faceted

colour change garnet faceted

Colour Change Diopside

colour change diopside

Black Ethiopian Welo Opal - Cabs

black ethiopian welo opal cabs

Untreated Sapphire - Faceted

untreated sapphire faceted

Untreated Sapphire - Faceted

untreated sapphire faceted

Tsavorite Garnet - Faceted

tsavorite garnet faceted

Tourmaline - Faceted

tourmaline faceted

Swiss Blue Topaz - Faceted

swiss blue topaz faceted

Smokey Quartz - Etched Back

smokey quartz etched back

Rhodolite Garnet - Faceted

rhodolite garnet faceted

Pink Tourmaline - Faceted

pink tourmaline faceted

Paraiba Apatite - Faceted

paraiba apatite faceted

Morganite - Carved Cab & Faceted

morganite carved cab and faceted

Malawi Garnet - Faceted

malawi garnet faceted

Kunzite - Faceted

kunzite faceted

Irradiated Blue Diamonds

irradiated blue diamonds

Indicolite & Green Tourmaline -Faceted

indicolite and green tourmaline

Emerald - Cabs & Faceted

emerald cabs and faceted

Colour Change Garnet - Cabs

colour change garnet cabs

Champagne Zircon - Faceted

champagne zircon faceted

BC Jade - Cab

bc jade cab

Welo & Australian Opal - Cabs

welo and australian opal cabs

Untreated Sapphire - Faceted

untreated sapphire faceted

Tsavorite Garnet - Cab & Faceted

tsavorite garnet cab and faceted

Tourmaline - Faceted

tourmaline faceted

Spessartite Garnet - Cabs

spessartite garnet cabs

Smokey Quartz - Briolette - Faceted

smokey quartz briolette faceted

Rose Quartz - Cabs & Faceted

rose quartz cabs and faceted

Pietersite - Cabs

pietersite cabs

Paraiba Tourmaline - Faceted

paraiba tourmaline faceted

Moonstone - Cabs & Faceted

moonstone cabs and faceted

Lemon & Latte Quartz - Faceted

lemon and latte quartz faceted

Jade - Cabs

jade cabs

Lab Created Padparadcha & Pink Sapphire - Faceted

lab created padparadcha and pink sapphire faceted

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